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December 29, 2011 / sguergachi

Development Diary #12

Hello World!

This is going to be an exiting holiday for us, I am finally going to have a few helping hands that will make the Aurora Project a reality. Hopefully I will be able to introduce them in a future post but we are very exited to get to ramp up production on the alpha version of the Aurora Game Manager.

Next we have released a new snapshot  Aurora_r97 which may seem like a huge update but the revision number increased only because I cleared the SVN repo completely and recommitted everything (Engine and Core) from a local copy since I have been having issues with SVN lately. That actually caused me to consider transferring the project to Github, but we’ll see.

Anyways r_97 has the Lenient Search I have started work on during thanksgiving and have not had time to finish until now. The search works well to display live what you are looking for as you type, its a little laggy I found when you try to type while the Cover Art is loading, but that’s a threading problem with the Game Icon objects that I need to fix. The release also contains some updates to the V.I component of Aurora now called XAVI (eXperience Augmenting Virtual Intelligence) which is a fun side project dedicated to make the application a bit more interesting. The greetings at the launch of the app have been slightly updated and now include time sensitive greetings thanks to an initial contribution by one of our team members Carlos.


The next revision will have some performance boosts in UI loading and fixing some lingering bugs like memory leaks and UX things and stuff. It should be up in a few days (thanks to the holidays)


See you all soon!


-Sammy Guergachi


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