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October 9, 2011 / sguergachi

Development Diary #11

Hello World!

Even though I should be doing homework right now, I sneaked in a couple hours this thanksgiving weekend to finish the Exact search portion of search and release it to sourceforge as r86.


I was able to somewhat accomplish my original vision of instant search (the second you type a letter). Aurora should be able to instantly go into search mode when you click in the search box or type a key/number. I am aware of some focuslost() issues and will be working on them for the next snapshot release.

right if you type exactly the name of the game, it will appear in a new grid and will be removed if you type a letter more or a letter less. It will also return to the original library without a problem when you click away from the search box or clear the text within it.

For the Next Release (r88):

  • First implementation of lenient search <r87
  • Able to selectively edit search text < bugfix-r88
  • Grid Transitions for Search mode< bugfix-r88
  • Try and fix focuslost() using new implementation< bugfix-r88

alright I think that’s It!


See you next week!


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