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April 2, 2011 / sguergachi

Development Diary #7

Hello World!

So in the pass few weeks a few things have happened

– Being Able to add Games and Generate Grids for each Game object on the fly

-Being able to manage and move through Grids with GridManager

-Implementation of Resizing capabilities


Based on the above list its clear that back end work on Aurora has finally started, in fact it started sooner than it should have since work on the Settings UI part of Aurora has not even started, instead I decided to start working on the actual backend core of Aurora with the Adding and Removing of Games, the organizing games, zoom, info ect. The first two points above address this. Being able to add a Game in fact still does not have a UI, its still currently being prototyped, but the ground work for the back end system which will do the actual managing of games on run-time, as storage systems have not been implemented yet, has been implemented and committed.

To be able to make the visual and abstract representation of Game Objects new classes had to be implemented:

-aGridPanel : a simple panel placed in the Aurora Engine which allows easy creation and indexing of one grid and the components inside this grid.

-GridManager : Part of the core Aurora codebase which helps the Game Library to interface ,visualize and manage all the aGridPanels being used to store the Game Objects


These two classes have given the ability for better management of Game Objects in the Game Library Which will allow for the formation of the overall data structure used in the program much easier to manage.


The Third thing on the list of things im still working on is the resizing capabilities, which is the feature in the program that compensates for large and small screens bellow or equal to 1280 X 800 resolution, that way multiple screens can accommodate for the program. This will also allow for future UI tweaking to be much easier as only variables in specific methods need to be modified.


Right now I’m working on implementing the implementing of the Game Adding and Removing UI, here is a preview:




See you in a few weeks!


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