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December 30, 2010 / sguergachi

Development Diary #4

hello world!


So right now I am concentrating on finishing the basic UI functionality of the Gamer Profile, Here is what the work in progress looks like right now, although I’m not fully happy with it. I need to figure out exactly what kind of game data gamers are looking for and what will make the gamer profile even worth looking at, I don’t what it to be THAT feature nobody ever uses. So some more thinking may be involved in the designing and structuring of the profile:



If you look closely you can see something interesting on the right side of the profile screen, and that’s Badges. The idea behind bringing a game feature to a game navigator did look kind of odd at first, but this is very common now a days in the console world where you get Xbox achievements or PlayStations Trophies, its still something put into the gaming platform to make it not only more attractive to gamers but also to make it a fun way to show reputation and experience. I fell PC gamer are as if not more competitive then console gamers yet their is little to no “reputation” counter on PC gaming platform such as Steam, GameSpy, even Xfire has barley a competitive reward system in place, all they have is the basic Hours counter or an achievement system built by or for the game it self (Steam). Being able to tell how much time you spent on each game is something I planned to implement from the start of this project, but it only recently came to me that rendering this application fun is the best way to keep people using Aurora. Although the badges right now stem only from time played on a game, they are still glorified digital objects you can use to show off your powers, and remember this works on any game, not like the other platforms which need to manually make sure they are compatible with the game you want to play (GameSpy Comrade) or even allow you to have some kind of achievement from a game you did not buy online (Steam), if the game has a name then you can get a badge for it.

There are currently two type of badges, the funny goofy ones and the serious business hierarchical ones. If you look at the above design you see their are two “level” badges showing the specific stage of each badge (Pro, Elite) and the actual Level of that badge (Each Badge has 3 levels before passing to the next stage of badges). Then you see the “10 hours continuous” badge where you played a game non-stop for 10 hours, these are supposed to be the funny badges which don’t have any purpose other than to be randomly given out for random funny reasons. I think such a system would be more powerful and allow for more game support out of the gate, however having game specific badges is also the logical next step in the Badges feature where game related jokes could be the titles of the badges or where the badge levels could be called according to the game (Infantry, Warrior, Knight for one game and Soldier, G.I, Black-Ops for another game).


This is only adding to the amount of work that already needs to be done, but if it means this feature will increase the value of Aurora considerably I would be willing to spend the extra nights working on it Smile


That’s all for now!




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