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December 16, 2010 / sguergachi

Development Diary #2

Ok so here is what I have been working on lately,


Here is what’s done, and what needs to be done:

  • The basics to the Aurora Engine is completed, except for a few more UI components and the database integration 
  • The Login screen for aurora is pretty much done
  • The Dash board is pretty much done
  • The Game Library screen is what I’m working on now
  • The Settings screen has not been started
  • The Gamer Profile has not been started
  • a basic sound effect implementation is in place (inside the Aurora Engine)
  • the databases have not been started
  • the Scrolling Info bar has not been started
  • the Carousel for main screen is done


    Right now I am focusing on completing the UI, when completed I will enter Alpha stage where I will cover the app with a coat of Logic, Database support, back-end stuff etc. when that’s done the client will enter Beta stage and will be put under heavy testing, refactoring, optimization etc. when that’s done Aurora Game Manager V1 will be complete!
      See you in the next post!

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